School Musicals On A Stick!

d0a3a0e8-3a4a-4419-a826-bb03481942a8519024a3-624b-4b39-82c7-f1877235f2b4At Maverick Musicals we strive to stay innovative and up with the times. This is why we are very excited to announce that some of our favourite and most popular School Musical Deluxe packages will now be available on USB!

We know here at Maverick that schools and directors are busy preparing for the year ahead – and our USB’s and their content are designed to make your production life just a little bit easier. Scripts, scores, song tracks, both vocal and performance, graphics and SFX – are all ready for you on our new line of “Musicals on a Stick”.

Check out some of the titles we have available on USB below, for a full list please contact me.




Maverick’s Kung Fu Panda meets Moana!

Facing a bleak future in the family rice-fields, Hiroki, a short, self-centred Japanese boy with aspirationsof becoming a Samurai is humiliated by treacherous soldiers intent on taking the Chrysanthemum Throne and teams up with an unlikely band of ancient spirits to defeat them.

But when he is offered a chance to achieve his dream at the expense of his sister and the others, he must learn that loyalty is a quality best returned, especially if he is to outsmart the traitorous Emperor’s minister and save both his friends and the Imperial Princess.

Perfect for a large cast, for ages 10-15 years. Tim makes putting on a musical easy with plenty of material to help make your production run smoothly. With Props list, music and production notes and special effects cues list, wether you are an experienced director or not, this musical will be a huge success!

Also available on USB.
Make your order and start rehearsing today!




44ce5e9e-1997-45f7-9fa8-1fe771a2b021You’re History

When a nerdy teenager turns a portable classroom into a time machine, a mischievous detention class is sent hurtling back through history! The time-warped team discover vicious Vikings, pilates-practicing Pirates, disco-happy Gladiators, a rapping Romeo and Juliet and the infamous Oedipus on Jerry Springer.
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464191f9-3cb3-426b-8e59-72abac1d96efHigh School Spoof-ical

Welcome to Sweet Valley High, a perfect world of perfect Disney teens. Its an all-American school full of every clique imaginable – jocks, cheerleaders, eggheads, emos, homies and even redneck yokels! Meet Zak Teflon and Vanessa Huggins, two spotless little angels who are planning to unleash their extraordinary talents upon the high school musical.
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78971fe9-5e38-4761-94ba-79954986f1e5The Three Musketeers

Hear ye, hear ye! Looking for something just a little different? HisRoyal Majesty King Louis X111 doth command ye to a right rollicking, royal romp. This swashbuckling hilarious musical is based on Dumas’ classic tale of intrigue and adventure but you’ve never seen Porthos, Athos, Aramis and D’Artagnan quite like this…. Black Adder meets Monty Python!
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Get out the leather jackets, bobby sox and swingy skirts; brush up the pony tails and the D.A’s, you’re ready for the exciting world of milk bars, juke boxes and real motor bikes. In this era of change, Jay, a sixteen year old, finds his safe and extra-ordinary ordinary life is to be transformed dramatically. Shock! Horror! Is it possible that he could be changing into a creature of the night?
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5e1f7cac-8fc3-4dcc-bcf3-bad9485d7a1fSheerluck Holmes

Set within the framework of late Victorian England, this musical is a hilariously extravagant send-up on the great detective and the ever-bumbling Watson! With such characters as Greasy Pierre (the French butler), Colonel Horatio Bagshot, Virginia Huntingdon-Smythe and many, many police-men, you’ll love the foggy, dark humour of this murder mystery.
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Long live Gothic horror! In the remote village of Humperdink they boast about Count Dracula’s famous castle but everyone really knows thatvampires, werewolves and mummies just don’t exist anymore… or do they…? This laugh a minute musical is accompanied by vibrant, foot-tapping music and your students will love playing it.
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f0e329d7-c5c6-491e-b5ae-3fbba22bfba0Little Stars

Lights, camera… action!! A great new rock and roll musical that’s just perfect for senior primary to lower and middle high school students. Follow the behind the scenes story of five finalists (and their neurotic parents) as they compete in the national TV hit sensation singing competition seeking the next … Little Star!
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61326e3b-e3a9-40dc-abba-69f3a5b9ba46 Creepytown

When shy, vegetarian (and vampire…) Princess Lucy meets an adventurous, outgoing human, she sees a chance to realise her dreams of escaping her crazy vampire world and her ‘monstrous’ controlling parents. Meeting at the dental clinic recently opened by her new friend’s square and well-meaningparents, the two make plans to escape Creepytown forever!
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2b902aa7-ea17-4f60-8d11-141b698b5afe Ratbags

When a small town is over-run by street kids who better to deal with the problem than the army? Even if that army happens to be a unit of well trained riotous rodents! Successfully premiered by The Centenary Theatre Group in Brisbane, Ratbags is a modern day Pied Piper – that rocks! In this adaptation, the roles are reversed – the streets are cleaned up, the rats become heroes, and all the old fogies still boogie and rave!
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Set in Ancient Rome, this relevant musical cleverly takes the audience back and forth from Rome to present day. It is full of surprises and highly entertaining. Oh, and did we say, it is a very funny show? Sophie wants to be a Gladiator but… as a girl in Ancient Rome the odds are against her. However with the aid of the powerful Empress, she overcomes all obstacles.
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c16766ce-c034-4377-9aaf-ad2e92d65364 Compass Rose

After being locked in her cabin for disobedience, feisty but self-centred Constance-Rose McAlister escapes from her father’s ship to Easter Island – to fulfil her dream of becoming a famous explorer. Despite being left behind when the ship leaves, she has great fun chasing the local wildlife, chatting with magic statues and of course, sinking pirate ships!
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df559a5f-1f11-4937-89d8-737fbe0847a6The Jungle Book

This musical adaptation of Rudyard Kipling’s classic The Jungle Book follows the story of Mowgli who is brought up by the wolves, and is taught the laws of the jungle by his dear friend, Baloo the bear. A particular feature of the show is the audience participation and involvement, but the strong plot is not ignored and the element of danger is never far away.
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Alice in Wonderlandef7eebd9-a245-4bc2-9dcd-78fb69526d56

Alice in Wonderland is probably regarded as the greatest children’s book ever written. Mike Carter’s adaptation draws out that humour and mystery and creates an exciting and challenging musical, ideal for use in schools or by adult companies. With 22 main speaking parts, this adaptation gives plenty of children the opportunity to act.
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2d141cef-051f-43ed-b267-7d31fd85d11fWE”RE HERE TO HELP!

With many more plays to choose from in our range, we hope you enjoy browsing our samples packages and find that perfect show for your group. Please contact me for a chat or send us an email about what you really need – and we’ll try our hardest to find you the right script!


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Plays for Drama Groups in the New Year!

c6ac47d4-a898-478d-ad67-4dbf09136b92Another year of fabulous plays and musicals is coming to an end but as one curtain closes another curtain opens! Time to start planning, creating and rehearsing for 2017 to make it even more amazing than this year. Below are some suggestions, whether you are flying solo and looking for a one act play, or you need something longer for your group or a theatre restaurant is more your style – see below or check out Maverick Musicals site for even more options.

On another note, we have been very busy in the Maverick Musicals office as we have brand new premises at Alexandra Headland on the beautiful Sunshine Coast Queensland and a new company director!

My name is Tahlia and I am so excited to be a part of the Maverick Musical family. If you need any recommendations, just contact me – or try the sample packs that are available for every title, perfect for sharing with your production committee.

119572e8-c297-4bed-b586-6a57bc59bedaIf You Are A David Bowie Fan….

Take a look at Sequinned Suits and Platform Boots

Or with 2017 Valentines Day not that far away, perhaps try Hugh O’Brien’s Trio of Love plays for a great season in your theater.


One Act Plays:


Hot Spots

A newly published festival comedy that’s already popular with audiences. An uptight control freak plans a relaxing afternoon for a few friends, but as the wine flows… secrets, lies and betrayals threaten to turn it into the lingerie party from hell. Read more

dottys-inheritanceDotty’s Inheritance

Upon receiving the news that her dear brother Victor has passed, Dotty, a woman of advancing years, now finds herself the owner of the family business. A business that her daughters want to offload before they all end up in the headlines of the local paper. Read more.

do-i-510x600 Do I?

A slice of life dramatic comedy that explores themes of family, love, marriage – and boobs. Read more.

the-travellers-table-510x600The Traveller’s Table

Mayhem erupts when erotic Asian massage, a fake priest and feral cats collide! This fast moving, hilarious comedy poses the question “Why be yourself when it’s more fun to be someone else?” Read more.


The people in this play know each other extremely well. The three friends, very relaxed in each other’s company, soon find what inhibitions they may have had washed away by a healthy sluicing of booze! Read more.


It’’s one thing to have a plan but another thing entirely to know what to do with it. Chaos reigns supreme in an undercover world of guns, espionage and hairy women. Read more.

Longer Plays:

the-world-bra-unclipping-championshipsThe World Bra Unclipping Championships at Garimba

Here is the new generation Dimboola, a laugh-out-loud comedy that is bound to be performed by every rural drama group in our wide, brown land. Read more.

little-black-dress More Than A Little Black Dress

Coco Channel sizzles, manipulates and charms her way through this stylised play. Coco was a ruthless opportunist – with a known penchant for wealthy lovers and dangerous company. Read more.

the-potion The Potion

Set in the trendy flat of a young drug representative of the Bellringer Pharmaceutical Company, here is a fast moving farce that will amuse your audiences.  Read more.

Theatre restaurant scripts:

cruisin-calypso Cruising’ Calypso

Set off on an exhilarating cruise to the exotic Caribbean, aboard the good ship Indulgence! Any journey into the troubled waters of the Bermuda Triangle is an adventure into the unknown. Read more

mystery-on-the-orient-express Mystery on the Orient Express

Take your audiences for a ride on the famous Orient Express. This very fast paced show will transport you all on a theatrical journey following the same route as the famous train through France, Italy, Switzerland and Austria. Read more

ma-bakers-tonicMa Baker’s Tonic

A lot happens in the Ritzy and it’s all fun for the actors and the audience. This show’s got the lot – glitter, gags, goils and gangsters! Very good female roles in this production. Read More

robin-the-hoodRobin the Hood

This enormously popular script follows the zany exploits of Robin the Hood and his band of motley men as they bumble through Sherwood Forest. Read more.


Wishing you all a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year
Can’t wait to see what exciting productions will be performed in 2017!



We’re Here to Help

With many more plays to choose from in our range, we hope you enjoy browsing our samples packages and find that perfect show for your group. Please contact me for a chat or send us an email about what you really need – and we’ll try our hardest to find you the right script!

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Exciting Drama DVD’s and Senior Plays for Theatre Students

Dear Drama Teachers

Looking for those elusive plays or Drama DVD’s created specifically for your theatre students? We have some excellent suggestions here for you to browse through. These popular DVD’s and play scripts for senior school students are suitable for performance, class-room work, discussion or examination.

The challenge for busy teachers is often just finding exactly the right script and resource for your needs – we hope that having a little nibble will give you a chance to better assess suitability prior to purchase. So we have provided a taste of our titles –  Free samples of scripts are ready to download straight to your computer. Have a browse on us, and see if there is anything that fits the bill. Easy online ordering means you can also download your chosen scripts immediately when you make your purchase.

NB: For Copyright reasons we are unable to provide online samples of Mark Wheeller scripts – please contact [email protected] for those script samples.


Two Invaluable DVD Resources for Teachers of Drama

These professionally filmed DVD’s depict a full range of Drama Techniques, and examples from Mark Wheeller’s plays – demonstrated by groups of theatre students. Easy to watch format, presented with high quality audio and video production and clear explanatory voice-overs.

Wheeller Plays Exemplifiedwheeler-plays-exemplified-dvd uses 18 filmed extracts from plays ‘Hard to Swallow’, ‘Kill Jill’ ,‘Too Much Punch for Judy’ and ‘Missing –Dan Nolan’ demonstrating a range of performance techniques. Contains interviews with Mark Wheeller about his work, providing a fascinating insight into the unique style of this playwright. For the many Drama Teachers already using his works, this DVD will be an excellent addition to their texts.



Drama Techniques Exemplified features well filmed practical examples of pupils demonstrating the techniques. It is split into two main sections: ‘Learning Through Drama’ and ‘Learning About Theatre’. Teachers and drama practitioners will find it a really helpful and focused resource, and easy to use in the classroom.


More Great Plays by Mark Wheeller

hard-to-swallowHard to Swallow

A play based on Maureen Dunbar’s award winning novel and film “”Catherine”” that charts her daughter’’s uneven battle with anorexia and the family’’s difficulties in coping with it all. Told mainly through the words of Catherine and her family, this uncompromising and sensitive script is equally as popular in schools as it is on the one act play circuit – Hard To Swallow has sold over 15,000 copies in the UK since its publication in 1990 and has become a very popular performance in schools. Read more.


Missing – Dan Nolan

Based on the true story of Dan Nolan, a teenage boy who disappeared on New Year’s Day 2002 after going fishing with friends, this unusual and deeply affecting play uses the actual words of Daniel’’s family, friends and the detective in charge to portray its important story. Read more.



too-much-punch-for-judyToo Much Punch for Judy – Mark Wheeller

Too much Punch for Judy is an award-winning drink drive documentary drama which tells the harrowing tale of a young woman who kills her sister in an alcohol-related road accident. This is one of the most performed plays ever (performed over 5000 times)averaging nearly one performance a day since its first publication in the UK. Check out the video footage of a performance.

“It is important that we pay due cognisance of the invaluable role that Mark plays as a socially conscious dramatist… one of the most performed playwrights in a wide range of professional and community venues as well as in educational establishments that face so many of the social problems that are addressed in his work.” Charles Vance Editor of Amateur Stage. August 2005. Read more.


Monologues 3 – Therese Edmonds

One book – three great monologues – three cool comedy scripts to brilliantly showcase an actor’s skills.

Gavin Regrets, 12 mins

Ever found yourself in a ludicrous situation and wondered how the heck you got there? Somehow Gavin’s found himself having to explain to the police how he ended up thigh-deep, naked, with his underpants on his head and stuck in mud “up to me nuts”, rescuing an unconscious dwarf in a kiddy bike trailer snagged on a rock in the middle of the river. Tracing it back decision by decision we see there’s a strange, almost credible, logic to this hilarious tale of a moron given enough rope. Winner of the Maj Monologues’ Peoples’ Choice Award in 2007. Read More.

Valerie Gets Hitched, 5mins

Valerie is a load of fun for any actress to play: she’s loud, she’s vain, she blubs, she thinks – so wrongly – that she’s still hot and spouts forth such an unjustifiably high opinion of herself we can’t help but laugh at her and the poor sap she’s just married. But in the end it’s a love story. Valerie Gets Hitched won the Shorelines Writing for Performance Award in 2008. Read more.


monologues-three-comediesShelly Kelly’s Day O’ Destiny

Shelly Kelly’s Day O’ Destiny is poignant, laugh-out-loud funny and heartwarming. We cheer Shelly on as she attempts to realise her dream of being just like Susan Boyle and bringing some much-needed attention to her struggling town by winning Australia’s Got Talent. Winner of the Maj Monologues’ Judges Prize and the Peoples’ Choice Award in 2010. Exciting news about this title! It is now a set text for the new GCSE specification in the UK! Read more

stop-deadStop Dead – Phil Freeman

Stop Dead deals with a devastating subject: that of youth suicide. It looks at the final events leading up to the breaking point of four quite different young people, bringing into focus the mounting pressure with which each has to cope. Drama extensions and viewpoints for discussion included for classroom use. Read more.

four-funerals-and-a-weddingFour Funerals and a Wedding – Marlene F Magee

Seeking a great play for a class of students with a range of abilities? Four Funerals and a Wedding picks up from where Shakespeare’’s play left off. In this one act play the humour is snappy and streetwise with instant appeal for young people – an ideal piece for festival, classroom performance or as a youth theatre showpiece. Read more.

That’s it for this month. There are more great plays on our website – just tailor your search by using the filters available online. If you would like any more information about our plays and drama resources just send us an email to [email protected] Happy reading!



More Plays from Maverick

Producing fun and funky Theatre Restaurant shows always seems to be a big hit, no matter where you are located. Easy to stage, these scripts are popular not just with audiences – but with actors and directors looking to get those big belly laughs flowing!  Music is of your own choosing and you can browse our full range here. All of our plays have sample scripts to download – making it easy to run ideas past your selection committee! Feel free to contact me for recommendations for your theatre group, meanwhile, happy browsing!

Gail Denver

If you’re looking for some sharply written one act plays, here are our top picks at the moment


Do I?

It’s Charlie’s wedding day and everything is perfect; the guests have arrived, the tables are set and the bunting has been hung. There’s just one problem – she’s not sure she wants to go through with it. Read More



Hot Spots

Here’s another fantastic festival play for four actors, already popular with audiences. An uptight control freak plans a relaxing afternoon for a few friends, but as the wine flows… secrets, lies and betrayals threaten to turn it into the lingerie party from hell. Read More



Dotty’s Inheritance

Upon receiving the news that her dear brother Victor has passed, Dotty, a woman of advancing years, now finds herself the owner of the family business. A business that her daughters want to offload before they all end up in the headlines of the local paper. Read More


drifting-510x600 (1)


Each year, members of the Rossi/Sullivan family get together for the Christmas break. This year a new life (baby James) joins the family and a much loved member, Enid, slips further into Alzheimer’s. Read More



Husband Murderers Support Group

A one act, two murders, three women comedy! A group of long suffering wives meet weekly to help each other quell their desires to murder their dull, obsessive or cheating husbands. Read More



The Deep Well of Loyalty

Set against the controversial backdrop of drilling for coal seam gas, this fast moving one-act drama proves that mining fractures more than the earth. Read More


Three Plays with Style

When did you last perform a sparkling, glamorous show that lit up the stage with theatrical magic? We are pleased to offer three stylish new plays from playwright Jo Denver.  Each features real-life icons – strong, classy women who have bravely defied the restrictions of convention.  These scripts are perceptive, at times biting – and always entertaining.  Theatricality, witty dialogue and casts of great character mean they are audience pleasers for any community group’s season. Each is available as a sample script here.


That Woman

“The new play about the make-up wars between industry giants Rubinstein and Arden is a wonderfully stylish night out. And not just for the girls. The comedy makes the history lesson a fun one. It boasts fabulous, fully drawn characters and a fascinating story of what it takes to make a single life a success. I wouldn’t have missed this one. And nor should you.”
(opening night at The Lind Theatre Qld, by reviewer, Xanthe Coward)

The Making of the Great Lover

In 1919, a pig farmer’s wife from a little English village released her novel, ‘The Sheik’. Edith Winstanley Hull’s novel shocked the world with its frank exploration of female sexuality. Made into a movie, the actor playing the title role, Rudolph Valentino, scorched across the screen and into the hearts of millions of females. Both novel and movie shot to the top of the best-seller list. This script entwines two stories – those of the middle class writer and the gauche young Italian actor. Read More


More Than a Little Black Dress

Sex, style, and secrets. Coco Channel sizzles, manipulates and charms her way through this stylised play.  Coco was a ruthless opportunist – with a known penchant for wealthy lovers and dangerous company. She was revered and lionised, not only by the French but worldwide. From humble beginnings she became one of the richest and most influential designers of her time. The script explores the many sides of Chanel’s nature and calls to account her extreme views. An intriguing story about the woman who fascinated and shocked. A woman who really did do it her way. Read More


We’re Here to Help

With many more plays to choose from in our range, we hope you enjoy browsing oursamples packages to find that perfect script for your theatre group. Please contact me for a chat or send us an email about what you really need – and we’ll try our hardest to find you the right play.

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