Creepytown – New School Musical – Just Released!

New School Musical – Want to creep out your audiences? Here’s a fabulous school musical crawling with vampires, witches, zombies and werewolves, with great leads and plenty of chorus work – and a score to die for!

Your auditions will be packed, as the whole school can get in on the act.  “Something’s going down – down in CREEPYTOWN….” Read more…..


Boneyard Boogie



Look Who’s Coming to Town



The Full Moon



Together Between Sun and Moon



Witches’ Brew


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With many more musicals to choose from in our range, we hope you enjoy browsing our samples packages and find the perfect show for your school or group. Please contact me for a chat or send us an email about what you really need – and we’ll try our hardest to fit you with the right school musical!



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