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Still contemplating something different for the One Act Play Festivals? Or need a themed selection for an evening of plays for your community? You’ll find some gems in our Drama Groups Plays – from Australian writers who are masters in this genre. Mark LucasHugh O’BrienSimon DenverDebra Chalmers to name a few. Their one act plays are popular with audiences and adjudicators alike. Local drama group performances are renowned fun(d)-raisers!  

Looking ahead, as usual Christmas will be here faster than we ever believe – so why not take a look now at some great end of year possibilities?

Here also are some suggestions about good looking productions that will get everyone in the festive mood.


Irish at Heart

Irish at Heart is set in Ireland; a whimsical, affectionate look at the ‘doings’ surrounding an Irish funeral.

An hilariously funny, full length play with moments of genuine tenderness, guaranteed to touch the most cynical play-goer.

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That Woman

The 1920s, the elite of New York?s beauty business ? a sure formula for style and glitz. However, beneath the veneer of glamour and manners, a feud was brewing. A feud which was to last for over forty years, with two champions competing for the title ?The Queen of Beauty?. The contenders could not have been more different; an eccentric and over-the-top Rubinstein, versus the sophisticated and ladylike (sometimes) Elizabeth Arden. Read more.


Sequinned Suits and Platform Boots

A glam-rock tribute play, Sequinned Suits and Platform Boots affectionately recalls the glittering fun, flamboyant music and fashion of the 70?s through one teenage boy?s simultaneous ambitions to be a star (The Starman) and to woo local girl of his dreams, Lorraine Izoff.

The music of David Bowie, T-Rex, Suzi Quatro, Roxy Music, Slade, Mott the Hoople, The Sweet, Alice Cooper and Mud provides the upbeat nostalgic soundtrack. Featured on David Bowie?’s own website news page. Read More.


The Making of the Great Lover

In 1918, little known author Edith Winstanley Hull, a pig breeder’s wife from a little English village, pens a sensational novel – The Sheik – that eventually will rocket a struggling actor on the other side of the world to international stardom. The equivalent to Fifty Shades of Grey for the era, it was a racy and sumptuous tale about female sexuality, and dared to be bold in a time when women still wore ankle-long tunics. Playwright Jo Denver rediscovers the author, and captures the time with a lavish sense of fun. Read more.


The Potion

Set in the trendy flat of a young representative of the Bellringer Pharmaceutical Company, here is a fast moving farce that will entertain your audiences. Alan shares his flat with Greg and the action starts when he finds a concoction hidden away in the research lab that claims to be a love potion. Things get complicated when a young lady is invited over, the boss decides to move in for a while, the young lady’s mother arrives, a policewoman arrives and the landlord’s niece turns up! One set, easy to stage. Read more.


Turn Around, Dick

If your group is looking for a crackerjack Christmas show then you just can’t go past this! This pacey panto is jam-packed with irresistable characters who meet up with Dick Whittington and his faithful cat,Cecil, on their way to the big city to find fame and fortune.

Guaranteed sheer entertainment at both child and adult level, the unbelievable can happen in a panto and this one upholds that tradition.

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A Christmas Carol

A Christmas Carol is probably Charles Dickens? most accessible novel and appeals to all audiences. This musical is faithful to the spirit and detail of the original story and retains all the charm and vitality.

The production has been staged by a professional company of 14 adults and 6 children, but the show has plenty of big street scenes and chorus numbers and should appeal to companies wishing to involve a much larger cast. Read more.

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Bananas – a Luddite’s Perspective

school musicals comedy

by Simon Denver

Being somewhat of a luddite, it was trepidation that I embarked upon my first “blog”. The word itself – had conjured up something that was either a bed fellow of gluttony or obesity… or at the very least, something very unsanitary. All fears were allayed when I discovered a blog was actually digital public diary.

So? The changing face of comedy. In my black and white pre-digital youth, everything was simple. A man slips on a banana skin and everyone would laugh. Eventually, after realising the only bruising was to his ego – the victim himself would laugh. But now…an event like this would galvanise the bureaucratic nightmare that protects us against ourselves.

At least three state, federal and local government committees would be set up. Each would conduct an in-depth enquiry. At least two independent enquiries would be set up. One by the Banana Grower’s Association and one by the Banana Retailer’s Association. The findings of both enquiries would then be redirected into seven feasibility studies, working under a joint steering committee. Its findings would eventually announce that society was ill-prepared for such and event, and measures should be implemented immediately to make sure this never happens again. These include:

1) Making it illegal to eat a banana within five metres of a pavement.

2) At the point of purchase for a banana, all buyers would have to also purchase a health and safety approved BDR (Banana Disposal Receptacle).

3) A policy of zero tolerance would be enforced for wayward or feral bananas (a sort of three slips and you’re out).

4) A new government department would find emergency shelter … and counselling – for any future discarded, disenfranchised, or at-risk banana skins.

5) Further enquiries should be set up to recognise banana skin hotspots with the community.

6) Clear and adequate signage warning of such dangers will be erected in all these hotspots.

7) The government would initiate an education campaign to make the populace aware of the problems caused by banana skins.

8) Counselling for the victim and the witnesses should be compulsory.

And as for the victims and the witnesses…

The victim, after endless counselling sessions, would sue everyone. He would then sue the witnesses for not rendering assistance, who in turn would sue the government for lack of counselling services. Both the witnesses and the victims would eventually sue the government for post traumatic shock syndrome.

But the bottom line here is – it’s still funny.

All humour depends on a victim. We laugh, usually, because it hasn’t happened to us. Humour is our safety valve, our touchstone – our yardstick. No matter how much society changes, or how much comedy styles change, our sense of humour will always be constant. It is with our humour we can tilt at windmills, face our fears, failings and foibles. It is with humour we forget we have a mortgage. It is with humour we try and make sense of our modern world. I hope I have caught this Zeitgeist for humour in some of my plays – especially the two one acters, That Scottish Play and Seven Deadly Sins.