Performance Rights

Maverick Musicals, Plays – Securing Performance Rights for a Production

Maverick Musicals, Plays have made it easy for our customers. There can’t be anything easier than choosing and then performing a Maverick musical or play:

  1. Choose your script
  2. Order the piano score and CD/tape
  3. Wow your committee with your superb choice and win them over
  4. Come back and order the band-music (if available) and request your performance license
  5. Pay the fees involved and you’re on the way to your own blockbusting show

There are no complicated hiring agreements, as all of our material is for sale (and brand new) and the paper work needed for the performance rights is simply one sheet.

Once booked, if you have to cancel your show, or change the dates, please let us know so that we can adjust our schedule accordingly.

We’re here to help your production be the success you’ve worked hard for, so if you have any questions at all about any of our shows, or need some extra assistance – just email us using our feedback form !

Maverick Musicals, Plays - Securing Performance Rights