Copyright Information

School Musicals & Other Scripts

Copyright applies to school musicals and other scripts. What is a Copyright? – In the simplest terms, Copyright means the right to copy.  Copyright applies to all original literary, dramatic, musical and artistic works.  The word original is key in defining a work that qualifies for copyright protection.

At Maverick Musicals, one of our aims is to make it easy for directors, schools and companies by making sure a License Application form is sent to you with the Basic and Deluxe Package options, and that all rehearsal materials and Copying Fees have been purchased.

What’s important to know is that the purchase of a single script infers no Copying or Performance Rights. Scripts can’t be copied for any reason without first purchasing Copying Fees.

Every performance requires a License from Maverick Musicals – Copying Fees and a Performance License must be obtained before any production can take place.


You’re infringing Copyright if you:

  • perform a musical or play without permission
  • copy anyone else’s work (scripts and/or music) without permission
  • don’t pay a Publisher/Agent for public performances of a musical, play or other type of production
  • don’t pay a fee for photo-copying scripts for rehearsal, reading or audition purposes

(If you are holding a dance, a play or a concert and people are invited, it is considered a public performance).

Examples of infringement usually attract fines.

Duration of Copyright

Copyright usually exists for the life of the author, the remainder of the calendar year in which the author dies, and for 70 years following the end of that calendar year. Therefore, protection will expire on December 31st of the 70th year, after which the work becomes part of the public domain and anyone can use it. For example, Shakespeare’s plays are part of the public domain; everyone has an equal right to produce or publish them.

Performance Royalties

These are sums paid to Copyright owners in exchange for permission to use the Copywritten material.

Performance royalties have to be paid for each and every public performance of a Maverick play or musical!  So, the Copyright principles as applicable to Maverick Musical’s material could be short-listed thus:-

  • Copyright is to ensure protection for writers and composers; their writing is their livelihood
  • The correct amount of rehearsal material should be purchased in order to put on a production. A portion of a writer’s income is derived from their material sales.
  • Photo-copying your scripts via the Copying Fee is only available after permission has been given by the publisher.
  • Each and every public performance, including charity performances, attracts a royalty fee. Publishers and agents will always advise the correct payment required upon application for a Performance License.

A large cast musical cannot be performed using one script that has been photo-copied without exchanging a Copying Fee for that right.

Always ensure that you apply for the Performance License before you start your rehearsals.

Maverick Musicals and Copyright

Nothing could be easier than performing any of Maverick’s musicals or plays. The Copyright for all Maverick Musicals material is owned 100% by Maverick Musicals and if you follow these easy steps, you can’t go wrong…..

  • Using our Free Sampler Package option, browse the script and music samples until you decide on the right show for your group
  • Now order your rehearsal materials by choosing from the Packages available
  • Complete the License Application paperwork we send to you with your order BEFORE your performances take place.

Once these steps have been followed, your rehearsals are legal and it’s on with the show!

Those little extras…

Need some help with your production? Check out our our free rehearsal guide – Putting On Your First Musical – it includes a complete eight week rehearsal schedule, the specifics of how to choose the right musical for your group, how to form your production committee and many more tips to help make your show a box office smash!

And never hesitate to call us about anything at all to do with any of our shows. Our job is to help you in any way that we can – phone, fax or e-mail us, no matter how unusual your request, we’ll try our best to assist.


The UK, Australia, New Zealand, USA and Canada are part of the Berne Copyright Convention or the Universal Copyright Convention. These conventions include most countries in the world.