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Spotlight on Maverick’s School Musicals Experience

  After 36 years of being on the front line at Maverick Musicals and Plays – our long time editor Gail    possibly ran the risk of hearing the songs and scenes from musicals and plays in her dreams. We wish her all the best in her well deserved retirement!

Let me introduce myself – I’m Tahlia Wilkins, and I’m up for the challenge of one of the best parts of the job here at Maverick – helping directors and teachers around the world to find the right School Musical, One Act, Festival or School Play by recommending a sample selection for you to browse – that could just lead to your next successful production.

So if you’re not entirely sure what you need, if you want some help, always feel free to contact me [email protected] with a few pertinent details about your looming auditioning school or theatre group, and we will do our best to direct you towards recommendations that have that “something special” to exactly suit your needs.

Tahlia Wilkins
Editor Maverick Musicals and Plays

Contemporary School Musicals, Scripts & Shows

Welcome to Maverick Musicals and Plays, Australia’s specialist publishers of fun, contemporary and totally loved school musicals, scripts and shows! Take a moment to browse our exciting selection of original scripts for high school musicals, primary school musicals, one act plays and two act plays for schools and drama groups. Or choose from a good range of award-winning Festival Plays for community theatre groups. You’ll also find popular school plays, including challenging scripts for high school, drama and theatre students – we are confident that there’s something in our range to suit your group.

It can sometimes be challenging to know exactly what you could want from school musicals, scripts or a play – and that having a little nibble first could give you a better idea about whether the play you are looking at,  is the one you are looking for. With this in mind, we have provided a taste of all our titles, before you buy. Free samples for every title are ready to download into your account.  So without further ado, have a browse on us.

Our customer service is renowned – we ship and email your order straight away whether you want school musicals, scripts or other shows.

Try our streamlined and secure One Stop Shopping system today – your script and license application will be on your computer quickly, and musical items will will be on their way, via good old Australia Post – no matter where in the world you are!

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