Still looking for a great school musical for 2015?



Still looking for a great school musical for 2015? Why not let us take out the guesswork with this great selection of 2 act musicals, all with wonderful leads, plenty of chorus groupings and terrific musical scores.

Loved the world over, here are some of our most colourful school musicals, vibrant costume comedies packed with great opportunities for your wardrobe and set departments to shine!  Sample packages available online too for you to assess with your production team before you make your decision. Or email Gail for advice.

 Bollywood Crazy

Bollywood Crazy

A colourful high school musical where East meets West in a rich fusion of contemporary and Bollywood, offering wonderful performance opportunities for your costume teams.
Read more.



Bet you always thought that Henry VIII was a monster with a king-sized appetite for matrimony who held major shares in StaySharp ? ? Wrong! This outrageously hilarious  script sets the record books straight. ?Read more.


His Majesty’s Pleasure

In the late 1780s, a rag, tag assortment of rogues jettisoned from a life of petty crime, arrive in Sydney Cove. Within a very short time, this group presents an astonishing play -the first recorded play performed on Australian soil. Read More.




In the Pimpernel we meet many great characters, imbibed with the spirit of France and England during the French Revolution. Naming them all would give away too much of the drama. . .
So you need to read the script! Read more.



Radio Active

Radio Active is nostalgia as we’d like to remember it. Oportunities for a multi-media approach. This musical heads back to the ’40s with jitterbug and jive, with your choice of band-parts or performance CD. Read more.



Sheerluck Holmes

Set within the framework of late Victorian England, this musical is an hilariously extravagant send-up on the great detective and the ever-bumbling Watson!  Read more.



Sheik Rattle ‘n’ Roll

Welcome to a timeless, musical adventure on desert sands, beneath the desert moon and all its charms?. Overflowing with lavish characters, costumes and glamour, keep your date with destiny!  Read more.



The Hunchback of Nostradamus

The Hunchback of Nostradamus is a colourful, entertaining musical which provides a vehicle for the exploration of pupperty, video taping, comic buffoonery, circus skills and swordplay. A good variety of Chorus numbers! Read more.



The Pirate Queen

Set in Ireland and based on  the exploits of Grace O?Malley, the original Pirate Queen, our sparkling new musical is a rollicking blending of script and music. Loads of colourful characters give this show variety and appeal. Read more.



The Three Musketeers

This easy to stage show (one set) is high on energy and colour – a Baroque’n’Roll spectacular. The addition of the choir (involving even more students, who can rehearse separately) may just steal the show.  Read more.



Willow  Blues

Willow Blues is a dream show for designers and costuming. Throw in a Chinese dragon, shadow puppets, a psychic tea-lady and a cast of thousands (almost) and this is the musical to capture students? hearts. Read more.




In the tiny Cornish town of Crebewathen Cove, great things are happening … long time resident Ruby O’Hazy has just had a new-fangled telephone installed, Jelbert Gribble the Mayor has an inside loo…  Read more.


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With many more musicals to choose from in our range, we hope you enjoy browsing our samples packages and find that special show for your school or group. Please contact me for a chat or send us an email about what you really need – and we’ll try our hardest to match you with the right school musical!


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