Monster Musicals!

Still searching for your next mammoth production? Shock, horror! Here’s a selection of school musicals that are ginormously popular with students and audiences alike. All with fiendishly good tunes… follow the links for more details, including resources available, age suitability, cast requirements - and we’ve made it easy to download the sample packages. Don’t be surprised to see good old Smithy here – we haven’t come across a director yet that hasn’t been traumatised by him at their auditions!


Long live Gothic horror! In the village of Humperdink they boast about Count Dracula’s famous castle but everyone really knows that vampires, werewolves and mummies just don’t exist anymore? or do they?? Have a monster time with this loveable, large cast of creepies and fun characters! Accompanied by vibrant, foot-tapping tunes. Read More

Curse of the Mummy

Curse of the Mummy has it all. Great songs, exotic locations and jokes as old as the pyramids. There’s action and romance galore with a cast of thousands. We never meet the mother but we certainly meet the Mummy! And what can we say? He’s back and he’s not very happy. Read More.


As the night drums beat out the rhythm of this evocative song, follow the zombie-trail in this intriguing action-mystery-musical where not anything but everything happens!  No such thing as a zombie? Wrong! This musical has a whole Chorus of them. In fact, Chorus numbers are a feature of this show with most giving scope for imaginative staging. Read More


This is the musical of the school play – a riotous parody of the annual nightmare…Miss Byrde is a fresh out of college drama teacher and Smithy is the school villain. She has had four years training and he has had at least ten – recognise the situation? Every student, teacher and parent will identify with this musical! Excellent character roles for large numbers and fabulous songs make this the ideal choice for your nightmare? Read More

Cabbage Patch Dragon

From the writer of Conundrum and Heroes, comes Cabbage Patch Dragon; a fun K-8 musical about a dragon. Now any show with dragons and cabbages in it is bound to be a roaring success. Read More


Get out the leather jackets, bobby sox and swingy skirts; you’re ready for the world of milk bars, jukeboxes and real motorbikes. Jay, a sixteen-year-old, finds his safe and extraordinary ordinary life is to be transformed dramatically. Is it possible that he could be changing into a creature of the night? Wolfstock is a little outrageous, musically exciting and lots of fun. Read More.

Perhaps you’d prefer to take everyone on a little fantasy? Create some illusions of your own for your audience with these musicals.

Jungle Fantasy

The old legend tells of a tribe of females living in the deep, dark heart of the jungle, led by the fearless Jungle Queen. They guard a secret known only to them…and the monkeys (looking strangely like Year 8’s) …and to the fun-loving Bongly Tribe. Read more.


This delightful debacle tells a tale of two very unlikely kings – rich old King Humphry rules over the beautiful Kingdom of Crystal Lakes, high in the richly forested mountains. Bordering the pristine Lakes is the Kingdom of Silage, where King Rufus presides over a very different place – pollution is everywhere. This strong and easily understood storyline leads to a gripping and funny conclusion – with a twist, of course! Make this your choice for the show of the year. Read more.

The Royal Quest

A great primary school musical, developed by writer-teachers looking for an easy-to-rehearse musical play for the whole school to perform together.The Royal Quest playfully reinforces our shared needs for respect, happiness, courage, wisdom, honour, patience, tolerance and democracy via a lovely little story about the four Pages sent to report upon the goings-on in the Kingdom of a very bored King. Read more.

Wonder in Aliceland

This latest excellent version adapted is thoroughly entertaining. The songs are fun, tuneful and memorable and the script is fast-paced, funny and wholesome; this Alice is above all entertaining! Fantastic vehicle for the youth section of any drama group. Read more.

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  1. Hello
    I am considering doing a musical for a group of students in years 3 – 6 (approx 400 children). I like the idea of each year level being a scene in the musical and having the leads link it all together. Just wondering which ones you could recommend?? I see The Royal Quest sounds suitable. However I like the music of Jungle Fantasy and wondered if this could be adapted to suit?? Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
    Thank you

    1. Hi Alison!
      I would recommend sampling Young Hercules – each of Hercule’s ‘Labours’ is easy to rehearse up to dress rehearsal stage, as each is a separate scene. It also has lots of good chorus groupings! Gladiators too would fit the bill and is perfect for the age group. Jungle Fantasy may be too senior, but the free script sample will allow you to assess suitability. Please feel free to come back to us with further queries. Kind regards, Gail Denver

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