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The purchase of a single script infers no Copying or Performance rights. (Scripts and music can’t be copied for readings, auditions or rehearsals without purchasing the Copying Fee.) The fee gives you the right to copy the script, musical scores and CD’s that you have purchased as many times as you need for these occasions.

To stage a performance, you will require a License from Maverick Musicals, and agree to the License conditions before you can perform your show.  Copying Fees (for rehearsal materials) and a Performance License must be obtained before your production can take place.

Our streamlined system means that a Performance License Application is activated when you order the Basic or Delux Package, or order the Copying Fee from the selection of options.

(Please note that it is a breach of Copyright to copy scripts and music, or to perform musicals or plays without the Publisher’s permission.)

2 reviews for Jungle Fantasy

  1. FigCreative


    Our school has just finished the wonderful musical Jungle Fantasy. As the Jungle Queen I had an amazing time doing this production and would just like to thankyou for making it possible.
    M. Hurst. Australia

  2. FigCreative


    We are really enjoying working on the musical Jungle Fantasy. The script is hilarious and the music is fantastic. Thanks once again for your prompt attention to our request for the material, we have got a really good start on it as a result.
    M. Webster. Howick Intermediate. New Zealand

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