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5 reviews for Smithy

  1. FigCreative


    Last weekend we performed ‘SMITHY’. What a blast!! Great script, so much fun, too true to life. Thankyou for the opportunity to perform such a great script. Keep up the excellent work.
    Belinda Irving. Brisbane Adventist College. QLD. AUST

  2. FigCreative


    Our middle school has just put on its 2nd musical Smithy and what a success it was. All of our 12 core Middle School staff were involved in some way and we had some extra 40 helpers, mainly parents involved. It was trult a defining point in our school. I look forward to putting on a musical in the near future and working with you to help us to do that. I would like to thank Maverick Musicals for their excellent support in our 2nd musical, it was well written, the students are still singing the catchy songs and the humour had everybody in fits of laughter. Thank you yet again Maverick Musicals, look forward to working with you in the future.
    M. Sherratt. Tyndale Christian School. SA. Australia

  3. FigCreative


    We have had a wonderful week with Smithy – thank you all so much for the wonderful play- – we loved rehearsing and presenting it and the audience loved it. It was ideal for a Middle School Production and I guess teachers and kids are the same in every school because we sure recognised SO MANY of the characters.
    Prue Vermay. St Pauls Anglican Grammar School. VIC. AUST.

  4. FigCreative


    Smithy was a great success. It is a fantastic production.
    S. Lee. Kids 4 Drama. NZ

  5. Sandra Davis
    5 out of 5


    I performed in the very first production of this show at The Cremorne Theatre in 1986. A great experience and a super fun musical. 32 years later and I still catch myself singing the tunes… “Who’d be a Boy!!!!!”

    • Gail Denver


      One of the all time great school villains – but a very lovable one! The music still plays in our office – yes, very addictive… Glad you enjoyed the show Sandra!

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