Wonder In Aliceland

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7 reviews for Wonder In Aliceland

  1. Fig Creative


    “We had a lot of fun working with this script. The dialogue was accessible and funny and the songs were catchy. We were able to create a really good show – sold out performances and raves from the audience. A good show for the whole family.”
    Verity Davidson, Head of Faculty, Performing Arts, Baradene College of The Sacred Heart

  2. FigCreative


    I do a musical with my kids each year, but hadn’t been able to find anything appropriate for their age group (elementary ages 6-10). I was just about to give up and cancel the production when I happened on your web site. I read the perusals of a few of your musicals and just fell in love with Wonder in Aliceland. It’s so great to find a website like your’s that features quality productions. I’m excited about working with your script and music.
    D. White. Davis Elementary School. USA

  3. FigCreative


    Thankyou for the support and help you have given us through the process of our production.
    Karen Plumridge. Sleeping Star Productions. Blackburn. VIC. AUST

  4. FigCreative


    Earlier this year we purchased & performed ‘Wonder in Aliceland’ for our school. It was a great success. The best show the junior school has ever put on, full of laughs, crazy characters and great songs. It was a hit with parents, grand-parents and small children alike. Thank-you.
    Lara Thompson. Dance & Drama Teacher Presbyterian Ladies’ College. Melbourne. VIC. AUST

  5. FigCreative


    We have just performed Wonder in Aliceland, and it has gone down really well with audience and cast alike. I’m sure we will be performing many other shows from your collection.
    Mark Allan. The Wilsoncentre of Performing Arts. UK

  6. FigCreative


    The cast and audience loved the show. We’ll be back for another show soon
    Nina Stevenson Pied Piper Productions ACT

  7. FigCreative


    I can hardly wait … Wonder in Aliceland is a great show. Love your selection, especially for middle school.
    Susan Grendahl. USA

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