Time to Choose the next School Musical!

It’s that time of year again when most are getting over their school musicals – and thinking about the next one already. What a buzz it all is! Many teachers have mused how wonderful it would be to somehow capture that magical, final night feeling – the joy, exhilaration – and despair! “What – it’s over?” Who hasn’t seen the whole cast in tears at the prospect?  The first trick for directors is finding your next school musical, one to top what you’ve just done, or one just right for your needs if you are starting out.  Here are a few tips that could help you easily choose a great school musical from Maverick Musicals.

Tell us About Your School Musical Requirements

By sending a few details, such as your cast age, size and gender and the running time you prefer – we can make an appraisal of what might work for you. Do you need band-parts or will performance backing tracks suit you best? Do you need to accommodate all of school or certain year groups? Contact me at gail@maverickmusicals.com I’d be happy to make suggestions (after 35 years I could probably still sing every song from every show…a true school musical tragic! 🙂

Download Free Sample Scripts and Music

Now you’re pouring over our webpages, gleaning more details from your list of recommended school musicals. It’s great to be able to read and listen to a substantial portion of what you’re considering, so we’ve made that part easy – FREE script, song and music samples for every title are available for you to browse. Just click the Free Samples button and choose what you’d like. The download will be in “Your Account” in seconds.  A great way to assess school musicals prior to making a commitment.

Look at What Other School Musicals Work

Some of the best school musicals ever are ones that everyone seems to be doing.  I doesn’t matter how long they have been around – they are popular for a good reason! A great example is the now cult classic ‘Man of Steel’ .  Performed 1,000’s of times around the world, we think of it as the quintessential school musical. Especially if your school is just starting out. Even better if you’re an old hand. Perfect for intermediate and high school students, it provides a fun script about a dorky Super Hero that kids and audiences love.  A comical plot, plenty of gags for all the leads and minor roles, and good chorus groupings provide room for everyone to get in on the act. The score is very addictive – and of course you can sample it first to see if it suits your students and school.

Getting Everything Organised

Once you’ve made your choice, our streamlined website makes purchasing the rehearsal materials and obtaining your Performance License easy. How to keep the school office happy! Order the package you need – The ‘Deluxe’ contains everything possibly available for a given title. If your available budget and personnel are smaller, choose the ‘Basic’ and pick individual items. Do you want band-parts OR a performance CD – or both? The ‘Copy Fee’ provides you with the flexibility to copy anything you purchase for your rehearsal needs.


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