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11 reviews for Man of Steel

  1. FigCreative


    Thanks Gail, in particular great news re the video! the kids always like a souvenir like this and the editing of it willbe so relevant for the yr, 10 media class.
    Cranbourne High School. VIC. AUST

  2. FigCreative


    Another fantastic Maverick Musical. Our audiences told us that Man of Steel was the best ever. The students had great fun rehearsing and performing. They loved the humour, the songs and the characters.
    G. Harrington. Malanda State High School. Queensland, Australia

  3. FigCreative


    The Man of Steel package that I have just received was fantastically well presented. It was very user friendly and fantastic especially for a school which is in its infancy when it comes to music. You have thought of everything – right down to the photocopiable sheets. Unbelievable. Thank you.
    I. Wrochna. Ave Maria College. VIC. Australia

  4. FigCreative


    Last year we purchased the script Man of Steel and performed it for our Junior High School Production in Corte Madera, CA U.S.A. We LOVED it and it was a huge success. I am now looking for a script for this fall. Any suggestions?
    Lori Glass. USA

  5. FigCreative


    I would like to thank Maverick Musicals for their excellent support in this our first musical. Man of Steel was well written, the students are still singing the catchy songs and the humour had everyone in fits of laughter.
    M. Sherratt. Tyndale Christian School. SA Australia

  6. FigCreative


    Dear Gail, Just to let you know ‘Man of Steel’ was a huge success. Great characters, great songs, really funny dialogue – the oldest gags are always the best! This show worked with an international mixed cast, and was very well received. I can see why it is your Number 1 Musical. Director: Mr. Nigel Tickner Music Director: Mrs Sandra Schweighofer
    Man of Steel, presented by the British School of Lomé, Togo, West Africa

  7. FigCreative


    Our performance of Man of Steel, that old favourite, was a triumph. Thanks again for the great work you all do for musical obsessives.
    Margaret Tyson. Monbulk

  8. Gail Denver


    Man of Steel went well -again! The kids really enjoyed the music and the jokes. It is certainly a popular musical. Thanks again for your help, always. I appreciate it.
    Damian Antenucci St Paul’s College South Australia

  9. Gail Denver


    I thought I’d let you know a little trivia. I feel I have grown up with you. The first musical I was ever in was Man of Steel in Year 8. I was Killer, a henchwoman. We had limited good male singers so the teachers changed guy baddies to girl baddies and we had guys to dance with. I LOVED it. I still hum the Raspberry song now and then. LOL. I was also in Smithy.

    So obviously, when I became a teacher, you were the company I looked for. Did Jungle Fantasy and Go Noah twice! So thanks for your help again and for the fun I’ve had. Nicole Christian

  10. Gail Denver


    We actually performed Man of Steel in 1988!! (24 years ago now!!) It was a hit then and we hope it will be a hit later in the year. Time for a rerun! Glenda Landreth. The Catlins Area School. Owaka NZ

  11. Gail Denver


    I was looking over the DVD of Man of Steel when the Port Pirie Youth Theatre performed it in 2009 and I could help but smile at the great memories of that show. Once again thank you for the amazing plays that I was able to perform in and for the memories associated with them. Brad Thomson. Former cast member of the Port Pirie Youth Theatre, now Professional Stage Manager

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