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Welcome back to another great year of School Musicals. We can’t wait to tempt you with two exciting new releases. Or if you’re not sure exactly what you need, and would like some recommendations, send us an email and we’ll do our best to match your students with the right musical for your school.

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unnamed“Something’s going down – down in CREEPYTOWN….”

Here’s a new-release school musical for junior high to intermediate students just crawling with great leads, plenty of chorus vampires, witches, zombies and werewolves – and a score to die for! Your auditions will be packed, as this large cast whole of school show means everyone can get in on the act. Find the sample pack to download here.

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Doing the Boneyard Boogie!

Doing the Boneyard Boogie!

Briteway Dental Care!

Briteway Dental Care!

We’re also delighted to offer you Tim Tuck’s great new musical


Compass Rose & the Birdnesters by Timothy Tuck is a thrilling musical adventure set on Easter Island. This exciting, colourful and large cast escapade of exploration has been produced especially for junior to intermediate students to perform!

Additionally to your normal musicals package (available to order online) everything –  the script, music and graphics resources are also available as a USB “Musical on a Stick” option – meaning you get so many more tremendous production resources to make your production really sparkle.

The script (and songs) include a fascinating peek into the the language spoken by some of Easter Island’s population, with some authentic easy to learn Rapa Nui language.

The Story

An ocean away in the far Pacific, the HMS Shearwater, with famous explorer Captain McAlister at the helm, is nearing the mysterious ‘Island at the End of World’. Locked in her cabin for disobedience (and not doing her homework) is his wanna-be explorer daughter, Constance Rose. But she escapes the ship to Easter Island – to fulfil her dream of becoming a famous explorer. Already on the supposedly deserted island is ex-pirate Captain Jack Daw and his crew, illegally birdnesting – collecting rare eggs for a rich baron back in England. Left behind when her father sails away, the feisty Constance Rose has great fun chasing local wildlife, chatting with magic statues and of course, sinking pirate ships – much to the consternation of her friend Poki, the Island Chief’s son …Read More

Click here for your sample package of script, musical and graphics resources!

What’s on the Compass Rose “Musical on a Stick” USB?

school plays

You’ll have full flexibility and control of all these great resources for your rehearsals and production:
  • Script with all Slides Cued
  • Background, linguistic and historical information about Easter Island to share with your students
  • Comprehensive Power Point presentation (including a user guide) consists of 122 beautifully done slides. In the original production theses were used to enhance the background scenery but they can also be used as a replacement for all your background scenery.
  • Scaled Backdrop and Stage Plans
  • Scene, Costume Gallery and Song Guides
  • All songs as rehearsal tracks with vocals and additionally as backing tracks for performance
  • Poster template

We’re Here to Help

With many plays and musicals to choose from in our range, we hope you enjoy browsing our samples packages to find that perfect script for your students. Please contact me for a chat or send us an email about what you really need – and we’ll try our hardest to find you the right play.

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