Sample: Young Hercules


YOUNG HERCULES must have been written for all the directors who have asked Maverick for a junior or middle school musical that: involves mixed age students, offers some fantastic choral work, has a humorous script, showcases appealing songs, is simple to stage, has a popular hero, runs for around one hour and doesn’t require a school band.

YOUNG HERCULES is based on the adventures of Hercules as he, with the help of his best friend, overcomes overwhelming odds to complete six tasks chosen by the mean goddess, Hera. This is a good adventure story and the use of modern techniques and language has instant appeal to actors and audience.

Each of Hercules 6 ‘labours’ in the script are written as separate scenes, making it easy to split up for rehearsing with your various student groups or age levels. Full cast is required only at your dress rehearsal stages.

Many different chorus groups make this a great vehicle for lots of children!

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