Young Hercules

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6 reviews for Young Hercules

  1. Fig Creative


    HUGE THANK YOU!!!!!!!
    Hercules was absolutely amazing!!! The students loved it SO much! We had such a fun time, they all grew in confidence so much; the show really exceeded my expectations! It was so successful ! ! ! ! Parents, staff, everyone… just absolutely loved it. We will be using you again for sure!
    Thank you SO SO SO SO SO much! Amazing 😀
    Laura Rea – Head of Performing Arts – British International School, Hanoi

  2. FigCreative


    It’s Opening Night tonight and we’re very excited!! (Young Hercules) We’ve had a great time with the play and the kids love the story and the songs and they look and sound fantastic, so all credit to the writers.
    Alison Laxon Victoria Avenue School NEW ZEALAND

  3. FigCreative


    Just letting you know that we have put on our production of YOUNG HERCULES. It was fantastic – thank you.
    Catherine Glyde St Columba’s Catholic School New Zealand

  4. FigCreative


    Young Hercules was a brilliant production for school. In the past we had written and directed our own musicals, with classes making up their own segment, and teachers were interested in something ready made that was clever and entertaining. Some were a little nervous about the songs, as they felt they lacked skills, but I arranged with each of them to come into my class and replace me in the afternoons while I went and taught them the songs. Our school dance teacher helped them with the choreography, and a very skilled mum rehearsed with soloists. Our senior choir was absolutely thrilled with the music. After a year of preparing for competitions it was wonderful to sing some really fun, well-written, theatrical songs. We invited our intermediate choir to come and join us, so there were about sixty children in the choir! We were very lucky to have some very talented children perform in the main roles, and they did brilliantly. What was really interesting though, was that the classes of children who initially balked at singing, and didn’t want to join in (in fact – they made fun of the soloists!) really changed in their attitude to singing and performing. It was amazing to watch how their attitude changed. They were obviously having great fun in the performance. The class who sang “The People’s Hero” were very resistant, and I actually had them perform at school assembly. They were very chuffed about being asked, and they ended up doing a great job. Young Hercules was easy to costume – everyone has sheets! – I tried for a hanging garden type of backdrop, but our stage is very difficult to work with, and as several of them fell down, it looked quite sparse, more like a hanging weed or two, but the lighting technician did a great job of making the scenes more dynamic, so that you didn’t really notice the backdrop (I hope!) Our venue lent itself well to the Mt Olympus set up, as it has lovely sidestages, and steps which lead down into the audience, so it provides a wide range of possible uses. We had foyer entertainment too, such as greek lollies, wrestling statues, an orator and greek dancing. Young Hercules was such a success for us that it will be very hard to follow. Parents absolutely loved it, as it had a great story line, was easy to follow, the lines were very funny and the music was excellent. All in all, it was a wonderful experience. I know many of the children still sing the songs to themselves, and I suspect they will always remember them. Carolyn Nightingale
    Kimberley Park State School

  5. FigCreative


    Thank-you very much for your help with this. Our performances last week were a huge success and the children loved the music and script. They didn’t want it to end! Thanks again
    Melinda Bell. St Michael’s Grammar Sch. St Kilda. VIC. AUST

  6. Gail Denver


    As a director of both school and theatre group shows for over 20 years, I have worked with a large variety of material both good and not so good. I am a fan of the Maverick Musical catalog as I find that there is always a degree of consistency and quality to the shows on offer.

    Last month, I directed “Young Hercules” and was absolutely thrilled with the result. “Young Hercules” has all those ingredients that we look for – great characters that kids love to play, both comedy and drama, a narrative that hums along (no dull bits!), short punchy memorable songs (easy to teach, easy to put movement to) and best of all, was loved by our audiences. If you are a teacher or amateur theatre director, then I would strongly recommend ‘Young Hercules’ as a sure-fire hit with your production team and your audiences.
    Bruce Darroch (Principal) Te Waotu School New Zealand

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