Sample: The Deep Well of Loyalty


Set against the controversial backdrop of drilling for coal seam gas, this fast moving one-act drama proves that mining fractures more than the earth.

The true meaning of loyalty is put to the test for a wife fed up with her crusading husband and for a father who always assumed his doting adult daughter shared his beliefs.

For farmers Garnet and Coral Moloney, their city-based daughter Rochelle and their neighbouring farmer Ken Kahler, one intense night of revelations puts loyalty to the test and reminds them all of what family and dependence on the earth really means.

Runaway winner of the Audience Choice Award in the 2014 Toowoomba Repertory Theatre National One Act Playwriting Competition, convenor Mike Taylor had this to say about the inaugural production: “The characters were totally real and the family tensions arising from questions of loyalty and love were beautifully portrayed with both drama and sharp wit.”