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Skooliez is based on THAT week of mayhem and fun on the Gold Coast. Queensland, Australia. Skooliez tells the story of a group of students from Misericordia College who stay at the swanky Sunshine Towers Hotel where an ex-crim, posing as the concierge, and his two sidekick security guards plan to rob the kids of all their valuables.

During the course of the show we meet the six main schoolies (including an American exchange student who steals every scene she is in), the Parent Patrol mothers and a smooth ‘serial schoolie’ only interested in one thing? Skooliez has a funny script with engaging characters, great female roles, an interesting plot and the 15 songs and dances cover a wide range of styles, including rock, pop, dance, jazz, reggae, salsa and punk, with backing by a small band consisting of trumpet, saxophone, trombone, strings (real or electronic) and rhythm section.

Staging is simple with no complicated sets or expensive costumes. It really is the ideal school musical.

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