Sample: Nativity


From Australia’s top selling composer of all time, and the composer of Australia’s best ever selling musical – Man of Steel, we are pleased to present Ian Dorricott’s newest musical, Nativity – ‘the real story of Christmas’.

A completely new, fresh and definitely non-‘precious’ look at the classic Bible story, Nativity could be described as a chamber musical. With two 40 minute acts, this is an easy to stage show that’s just a perfect way to end your theatrical year, requiring no elaborate sets or costumes, but using a well used, on-stage prop box, projections and lighting to create your settings. Features:

  • a story with comedy and drama
  • 14 songs of varying styles from dramatic choruses and comic songs to moving ballads
  • authenticity — characters and events are theologically and scripturally correct (well, the Magi are treated a little freely!)
  • clearly-drawn, credible characters with even roles
  • music arranged for a small band of flute, clarinet, trumpet, saxophone, rhythm and bass guitars, keyboard, and percussion
  • rehearsal and performance CDs (if you don’t have a band)

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