Sample: Desperadoes


Reckon you’d have to be plum loco to miss this wise-cracking Western. From the moment Dolores, gutsy saloon-owner, rings the bell of the Lazy Dude to declare “Bar’s Open!”, the audience is ambushed by a posse of wild characters for a night of Western wackiness. High Noon it ain’t, but you can bet your cowboy boots it is high on comedy and strong characters who keep the action moving as three desperadoes hit town. Outflanked and outsmarted by the rascally Clarabel, Dipso, saloon patrons and hillbillies, the desperadoes are fried and served up as meat-on-the-hoof. Saddle up, whoop-it-up and herd ’em in to Peepshow’s newest Theatre Restaurant show.

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