Glamorous Plays to Thrill your Audience and Actors!

Plays that touch audiences deeply are often hard to come by. Plays that look good on stage, with scripts that boast significant female roles are even rarer. Here is a selection of dramas and comedies that will delight both your audiences and your actors.


The Making of the Great Lover

In 1918, Edith Winstanley Hull pens a sensational novel – The Sheik – that will rocket a struggling actor on the other side of the world to international stardom. The equivalent to Fifty Shades of Grey for the era, it was a racy and sumptuous tale about female sexuality. Playwright Jo Denver rediscovers the author, and captures the time with a lavish sense of humour in her latest full length play. Read more.




That Woman

The 1920s, the elite of New York’s beauty business a sure formula for style and glitz. However, beneath the veneer of glamour and manners, a feud was brewing. A feud which was to last for over forty years, with two champions competing for the title ?The Queen of Beauty?. The contenders could not have been more different; an eccentric and over-the-top Rubinstein, versus the sophisticated and ladylike (sometimes) Elizabeth Arden. Read more.






Each year, members of the Rossi/Sullivan family get together for the Christmas break. This year a new life (baby James) joins the family and a much loved member, Enid, slips further into Alzheimer’s. Despite the seriousness of the topic, it is diluted by a lively and humorous script. Winner of the Edythe Brook Cooper Playwriting Competition 2014. Read More.





Irish at Heart

Irish at Heart is a delicious black comedy set in Ireland; a whimsical, affectionate look at the ‘doings’ surrounding an Irish funeral. An hilariously funny, full length play with moments of genuine tenderness, guaranteed to touch the most cynical play-goer. Read more.





Into the Mist

The comedy actress Margaret Rutherford delighted thousands with her wry antics. However, her own life was haunted by a dark shadow which took shape before she was even born. Into the Mist looks at her later life, after the applause had faded, and the effect this shadow was to have on her and her devoted husband. Read more


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Rachel Fentiman

Company Director, Maverick Musicals and Plays

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