Plays for Theatre Groups in 2022

After another turbulent year in the world of theatre, we’ve hit the ground running in 2022 with theatres opening again!

We’re pleased to bring you some brand new plays and tried and true classics that are perfect for theatre groups, festivals and touring.

Click on their images to check them out and remember, every play comes with a free sample so you can try before you buy. Perfect for sharing with your group’s committee.

For David Bowie Fans

A glam rock tribute play, Sequinned Suits and Platform Boots affectionately recalls the glittering fun, flamboyant music and fashion of the 70’s through one teenage boy’s simultaneous ambitions to be a rock star (The Starman) and to woo local girl of his dreams. The music of David Bowie, T-Rex, Suzi Quatro, Roxy Music, Slade, Mott the Hoople, The Sweet, Alice Cooper and Mud provides the upbeat nostalgic soundtrack. Featured on David Bowie’s own website news page, Sequinned Suits and Platform Boots is clearly embraced by All the Young Dudes!

A Fiery Award-Winner

One of Australia’s most talented emerging writers, Natalie Burns, has created Embers – a blood-pumping drama set in a rural town battling a fierce bush fire heading straight for them. A cast of all women, this environmental drama won the 2021 Noosa Playwriting Competition and has many more awards.

A Witty Family Farce

With fabulous roles for a community theatre group’s actors, Dotty’s Inheritance is another great farce from the writer of Golf, Marriage and other Murderous Matters and Here’s The Thing. Debra Chalmers consistently wows the judges with her comedies at the National Noosa One Act Play Festival each year; ‘Dotty’s Inheritance’ won the Audience Choice Award at Noosa in 2015.

The First Female Race Car Driver!

The Woman and the Car is set in based on historical figures although no claims can be made for the accuracy of the events depicted. Dorothy Levitt’s achievements are very real. In an age when women could not vote, have bank accounts and where generally believed to be the “weaker sex,” she was daring, independent and refused to live by any rules but her own. She was the world’s premier female motorist and “botorist”  – “The fastest girl on Earth.”

Hilarity at it’s best!

Six upset senior friends reacting in a negative way

Mark Langham has created Circus as a laugh-a-minute one act play for a small cast of comedy actors… of a certain age… Circus is a dark comedy:  full of showbiz nuggets and a gift for mature actors and lepidopterologists everywhere. Winner (Best Play) of the Toowoomba Play Writing Competition.

For Margaret Rutherford Fans….

Into the Mist looks at Margaret Rutherford’s later life, after the applause had faded, and the effect this shadow was to have on her and her devoted husband. Two wonderful challenging roles for older actors as they explore a range of emotions in this theatrical tour-de-force. A touching reminder that comedy often masks a great sadness.

That’s not all folks!

If you’re looking for something specific, I’m always here to help! Email me at and I’d be delighted to help you find a great show your casting and staging requirements.

Enjoy the theatre!

Rachel Fentiman

Company Director, Maverick Musicals and Plays

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