Sample: Wolfstock


Get out the leather jackets, bobby sock and swingy skirts; brush up the ponytails and the D.A’s, you’re ready for the exciting world of milk bars, jukeboxes and real motorbikes. In this era of change, Jay, a sixteen-year-old, finds his safe and extra-ordinary ordinary life is to be transformed dramatically.

Shock! Horror! Is it possible that he could be changing into a creature of the night? Madame Berzurka from Bavaria knows the answer, so does the wild and eccentric owner of a travelling circus. Jay’s parents don’t have the imagination to believe it could happen and his friends think it’s a groovy improvement. All of them rock along to the beat of the fifties as the tale unfolds. Wolfstock is a little outrageous, musically exciting and it’s lots of fun.

It is certainly different.

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