Sample: Wasteland

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A child called Zeeco tries to turn around a dystopian community by starting a simple allotment. It’s an uphill struggle at first but with the help of some nearby talking animals and plants his plan comes to fruition. There is opposition from the baddie, Baron von Slick, who learns that there is oil under the allotment. The Baron wants to purchase this land at any cost, even if it means poisoning the nearby stream and sending in his henchmen to trash the place. This behaviour galvanises the local community into action and they know that a decision is soon to be made on the future of the land…
“Wasteland” aims to be both fun and thought-provoking yet a serious message runs throughout proceedings. It aims to raise awareness of various ecological issues; its ultimate objective however, is to encourage people to want to love, and therefore respect, planet Earth.

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