Sample: Three Chairs


A sparkling homegrown comedy which recalls the best of British farce, this audience-pleasing laugh-fest, winner of the People’s Choice Award at the respected Noosa One Act Competition, features a number of memorable characters.

Patty and Tom are newly married. However, that shock is nothing compared to the revelations in store for this newly married couple! There’s Bernadette, Tom’s rather snobby mother, and George, Patty’s distraught, tradesman father, plus the colourful, animal-loving neighbour Dorothy Attenborough – a role, which, no doubt, the late Margaret Rutherford would have truly made her own.

Here’s a play to showcase some of the older members of your theatre company (Dorothy, Bernadette, and George carry much of the humour), whilst still providing important opportunities for two younger players. Three Chairs! is a very funny and skillfully written show especially suited to those with a love of precise timing.

With its minimal requirements in terms of props, setting and lights, Three Chairs is an ideal vehicle for touring, whilst its running time and cast size make it a most attractive Festival play. Three Chairs – lots of laughs, easy to stage, with plenty of acting challenges. What more could you want in a one act play?

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