Sample: The Traveller’s Table


Mayhem erupts when erotic Asian massage, a fake priest and feral cats collide!

At a tiny outback motel, people travelling alone are invited to dine together at the traveller’s table. A bored fertiliser salesman with the gift of the gab amuses himself by picking a business card at random and then pretending he is the person on the card – in this case a parish priest. But unbeknown to him, one of the other lone travellers, a bored housewife, is playing the same mischievous game by pretending to be a purveyor of erotic Asian massage! Caught in the middle of the two wacky pretenders is a troubled young public servant who has corruptly under-counted the local feral cat population.

This fast moving, hilarious comedy poses the question “Why be yourself when it’s more fun to be someone else?”

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