Farmer Will Swap Combine Harvester For Wife

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6 reviews for Farmer Will Swap Combine Harvester For Wife

  1. Maverick Musicals


    We saw The Maleny Players production and absolutely loved it; my boyfriend (who is a farmer..) said every farmer in Pittsworth would love it especially his Dad. It was so good to see some real culture on the Coast and the show was very funny. We especially loved the last line! Thanks again.
    Amanda Syddall

  2. Maverick Musicals


    The final curtain came down on this delightful, entertaining show from Cooma Little Theatre recently, having attracted full houses at Delegate, Bombala, Adaminaby, Michelago, Jindabyne, Dalgety and Cooma. It’s been estimated that more than 1,000 people turned out to see 59 year old bachelor farmer Cyril have replies to his advert to swap his combine harvester for a wife, in the personal column of the local paper. A great time at the theatre.
    Cooma-Monaro Express review. NSW Australia

  3. Maverick Musicals


    A 59 year old farmer’s decision to advertise for a wife in exchange for a second hand combine harvester creates many comedy opportunities and this script grabs at every one of them with great glee. The 40 year age gap does not seem to worry the selected bride until we find out what she is running away from and for a short while, the fur begins to fly. The problem lies in the behavior of her seemingly well mannered fiance, whose abuse and controlling manner has wrecked their relationship. The older farmer and his friends soon sort out the young aggressor and this well written play ends on a light hearted and high note. An excellent play with well rounded characters and a fine judgment in dealing with such a conflicting subject.
    Jim Brindle, Director, Cooma Little Theatre NSW Australia

  4. Maverick Musicals


    We have just presented Farmer Will Swap…. and it was hugely successful…will you send a big thank you to the writer Hugh O,Brien . It is such a clever play and it served our purpose well. Thank you again
    Kate Burke, Tamworth Dramatic Society, NSW Australia

  5. Maverick Musicals


    Theatre comes to Nimmatabel. The farmers around Nimmatabel were completely mystified when they collected their mail and found a flyer entitled “Farmer Will Swap Combine Harvester For Wife”. There was a speedy inventory of the machinery shed searching for saleable gear but after the initial rush of blood, they decided they would all go up to the Pioneers Hall and see what it was all about – was this a kind of farmers Ebay? The audience was well rewarded with a wonderful foray into life in small farming communities and the hilarious way the characters portrayed their way of life. The characters were brilliant and very funny – thank you, Cooma Little Theatre. Each person had a distinct persona, including Douggie, the charming grazier using his charm and guile to mentally abuse his partner, and to undermine her confidence, consequently ruling her mind and actions. There was indeed a message in the second half,about domestic violence in the rural sector, and the solution,BUT 99% of the play was humorous and comical, with the audience applauding and having a really good laugh. A great night.
    Nimitabelle News Oct. 08 NSW Australia

  6. Maverick Musicals


    (At The Playhouse, production by Maleny Players, Qld). This good night out showed what community theatre could and should be. The Maleny Players picked a show that would complement their acting body; this symbiotic relationship is a win/win for the audience. The plot is simple – ageing bachelor Cyril Evans is desperate to marry and to father a son to take over the family farm. So he advertises to swap a combine harvester for a wife. Enter a plethora of gold diggers, an ex-fiance, friends with agendas, etc. Thus the farce ensues. What made this production so good was the balance of the performances. It was genuine ensemble work and everyone on stage put in an honest night’s labour. It was a credit to the director, David Townsend that no-one was out of their depth and no-one tried to be the “star”. The set was simple and the direction was clear. The same can be said for the script. It does take a surprising U turn half way through the second act – it got serious for a while – on a sensitive subject too but this cast and director handled it well and it was soon back to its farcical track. Thank you all for a good, fun, honest night out at the theatre.
    Simon Denver. Reviewer. Sunshine Coast, Qld.

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