Sample: The Jasmine Suite

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“Just you watch.  There are moments of pure experience just waiting for us to slip into. That’s what we’ve come here for—to escape, to be free.  I feel it already.  Don’t you want to be free— even for a moment?” – Kathryn

Kathryn and Richard have embarked on a new real-time, real-life algorithmic game of assassination — but are they playing the game or is the game playing them? A tale of guns, betrayal and strawberries — in a world where what is supposed to be a game turns out to be something that can really kill you.

“An exciting and thought-provoking play, The Jasmine Suite explores the possible results of when people refuse to interact in a meaningful way. It features well rounded characters and a script full of twists and turns which encourages introspection. You’ll be left asking yourself, “Have I been stuck playing pretend too?”” – Lilithia Reviews