Sample: Ratbags


When a small town is over-run by street kids (homeless youths) who better to deal with the problem than the army? Even if that army happens to be a unit of well trained riotous rodents! Successfully premiered by The Centenary Theatre Group in Brisbane, Ratbags is a modern day Pied Piper – that rocks!

In this adaptation, the roles are reversed – the streets are cleaned up, the rats become heroes, and all the old fogies still boogie and rave, they do the chicken dance, the foxtrot, and even the Mexican wave!

Jane Nielsen’s perfectly drawn cool characters and Owen Gray’s rock score will entice so many to your auditions you’ll be needing Ratsak….the rehearsal CD has full vocals, sung by the accomplished Mr. Gray and the full performance CD means that you don’t need a band to stage this exciting show.

A delightful tale, where street kids rule guaranteed to please all ages and perfect for an ensemble cast.

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