Sample: Piskeys Down Under

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Elves, gnomes, leprechauns; where would theatre restaurant be without the wee folk eh? Of course there’s wee folk and there’s wee folk. And the Cornish Piskey (a belligerent sprite at the best), is one height-challenged creature it’s wise to avoid crossing. But what brings the Piskeys down under? Nothing less than the extinction of the entire Piskey race, that’s what. Jacko and Johnno, the last remaining Piskeys have travelled to the Antipodes in search of an intelligent, sober and chaste human woman to be their queen. But when their attempts at wooing go astray they enlist the help of Ernest P Smuggins, a Rotunda salesman in need of money to win the favour of his boss, the delectable Jacqueline Gazunder. With the local Cornish Fair quickly approaching, the town Brass Band is practising for the Battle of the Brass competition, the local bakery is cooking the world’s largest pastie and the local girls are vying to be crowned Queen of the Fair and all is in place for Theatre restaurant’s stupidest plot, explained and elucidated by the play’s resident plot analyst, Evelyn Charmers.
So do the Piskeys get their queen? Does Smuggins get his boss? Does the Brass Band play even a single note correctly? Does the giant pastie explode? Does the audience survive the onslaught of rapid one-liners, sight gags and onstage antics? All this and more is answered in ‘Piskeys Down Under’!

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