Sample: Love or Nearest Offer


A dating agency, love-longing customers and a used car salesman. Love Or Nearest Offer is a high octane theatrical mix sure to appeal to the romantic and cynics alike.

There are finely written supporting roles – agency clients Marion (35), and Jason (40). No need for airbags – you won¹t be crashing with a vehicle of this quality.

Have you ever sat in the theatre and thought to yourself – I know exactly how this play will end? You won’t be thinking that with Love Or Nearest Offer. The Noosa One Act Play Writing Competition has unearthed many top-draw, surprising scripts. This is another. It’s a compact and fuel-efficient model too; completes its journey in around 35 minutes.

There¹s truthful dialogue and rib-tickling one-liners. One quick test drive and you’re sure to be impressed.

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