Sample: Look What the Cat Dragged In

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After twenty years of marriage Helen wants out. She has come to think of her husband Neil as a monstrous, oozing, throbbing zit that she wants to squeeze and squeeze until she gets every single drop of his slimy pus off her face and out of her life. Neil detects an undercurrent of tension and thinks she should lighten up a little. He believes there is no marital hiccup that a few strategically applied platitudes and a dollop of faint praise can’t overcome.

As they kick over the desiccated remains of their marriage various family members drop in, uninvited and unannounced, to add their mostly unhelpful contributions to the situation. It becomes clear that everyone wants a piece of Helen. She is the nurturing sun around which they all orbit and tonight she’s about to go spectacularly supernova.

Winner of the 2019 Noosa One-Act Playwriting Competition and awarded first in the Eleanor Nimmo Prize.

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