Sample: Kill Jill


Big Brother meets Kill Bill meets Jack (of Beanstalk fame)… Mix these together to create Kill Jill. A clever script exploring the hot topical issues of homeowners defending themselves. Posing the question? How far can Reality TV be allowed to go?  Kill Jill raises issues of rights and responsibilities (for Jack, the Giant, Jill and the TV crew filming the unfolding drama) and is full of imaginative drama and media techniques.
An entertaining and sharply written script from the author of Too Much Punch For Judy, one of the top-selling plays in the UK.
A great festival play, this is also a very suitable senior drama student examination piece.
For an inside look in to the creation of Kill Jill, click here to go Mark Wheeller’s YouTube channel and be sure to subscribe!
There are extracts from this play on the excellent DVD ‘Wheeller Plays Exemplified, as directed by professional director Tim Ford.

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