Sample: Jungle Fever


Jungle Fever, a raunchy romp in the African jungle, is not for the innocent or faint-hearted. The story goes something like this. Two retired British army colonels stumble across a bracelet in a stall in the old bazaar in Casablanca. The bracelet belongs to long-lost missing heiress of the great Mumulgum Castle. The missing heiress is a niece of one of the colonels, so they decide upon a quest to find and rescue her.

They enlist the service of a jungle guide (who is an African Queen) and the not-so-brave Jungle Patrol to help them? They are followed by the heiress’s evil half sister who intends to claim the inheritance herself! She is in cahoots with a witch doctor (who likes to dress in drag), and practices on a long-lost jungle tribe, made up of men-starved women. The production also features a dashing hero, plenty of corny one liners and humorous innuendos.

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