Sample: Henry


Bet you always thought that Henry VIII was a monster with a king-sized appetite for matrimony who held major shares in StaySharp. Wrong!

This outrageously hilarious comedy script from Simon Denver, with an impressive musical score from Ian Dorricott, at last sets the record books straight. Believing that no-one can hit a moving target, Henry ducks and weaves in his efforts to evade six aspiring Queens, whilst at the same time, outmaneuvering Katherine’s parents, the war-like King and Queen Above Parr! As King of Hearts, Henry presides over a whacky court where his spiritual advisor is one of the boys, the jester is funnily unfunny and six ladies keep Henry in their sights, each blissfully unaware of the existence of the other five! Sounds intriguing? It is and it takes the involvement of six crowned heads of Europe and an incredible sea battle to solve Henry’s matrimonial dilemmas.

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