Sample: Hat Trick

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After seeing his chance of performing to Queen Victoria publicly ruined by his clumsy assistant Margot Lapine, the bullying and egotistical stage magician ‘Great Lombardo’ is transformed into a giant invisible rabbit by the vengeful Madame Zheng Zhong and has to reluctantly seek help from Margot in breaking the curse.

But while enjoying new-found success with their roles reversed, they stumble into a despicable plot by Sir Mathias Osterhouse and his evil vet, Doctor Matosis to gain control of the world’s good luck. Both magician and assistant must then learn to share the spotlight before the world, and its rabbits, suffer a terrible fate at the hands of a rich, powerful, and unethical foe.

Hat Trick is the newest musical by Maverick favourite, Tim Tuck, and features fantastic music with a unique storyline which will have your audiences captivated. Included with the Deluxe Package is a comprehensive multi-media package which includes scenery and props graphics, projector videos to play during scene-changes, incidental music, lyric videos for rehearsing, and the original program for inspiration and back-stories.

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