Sample: Granny and the Wolf

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Granny and the Wolf is a twenty-five minute black comedy play commissioned originally to be used as a GCSE performance piece, inspired by Little Red Riding Hood, Granny and the Wolf takes a fresh approach to a familiar story – this time Granny and the Wolf are in love!
Their families don’t approve of this unconventional relationship and when Little Red Riding Hood decides to visit Granny, a harmless prank goes too far with tragic consequences.
A lively and inventive production based on a bright idea. Some excellent comedy; Red is played with great gusto and a beaming sunny smile, and her disposal of the wolves in the woods is a comedy high spot! The production is envisaged in “cartoon” style and it enables the youthful cast to show their abilities in various forms of theatre.
Granny and the Wolf makes an ideal festival play as well as a study text.