Sample: Garbage


Perhaps tomorrow this area will be closed to them, but for tonight it is a safe place to sleep. Florrie brings left-over pies back from the Mission and it seems that this may be as good as it gets for the three of them. But this is not like any other night. When Florrie finds something unusual in the garbage, each character is faced with a moral dilemma. Throughout the course of the play, the characters reveal something of their past hopes and future fears. A touching reminder to be grateful for the small blessings in our lives.

Garbage, three homeless drifters find a place that offers a little shelter and seclusion. These are not caricatures of street people; Florrie, Mags and Sniffy are real people who accept their lives with resignation and resourcefulness. Garbage is interlaced with a great deal of humour and several surprises. It has a simple set and offers three strong roles for two female and one male actor.

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