Sample: Fairytale High


Once upon a time there were Three Bears (named Mary, Kate and Ashley) who went to Fairytale High School. Their classmates included Jack, his buddy, Peter Pan, Jack’s girlfriend, Goldilocks (whom the Three Bears didn’t like at all) Cinderella and her nasty step-sisters, Nicole and Paris.

There was also a School Counsellor, whose motto was: Tell Someone Who Cares. She was really The Wicked Queen and her Magic Laptop told her that her biggest rival for Teacher of the Year was none other than the new Home Economics teacher, Snow White. It was time to consult the Witches’ Weekly Cook Book!

Meanwhile, Hansel and Gretel kept getting lost on the way to class, Rumplestiltskin kept making deals and Jack turned into a beanstalk. Somehow the students all ended up at the Gingerbread Cottage begging for their lives. Just when it looked like The Wicked Queen would defeat her opponent for good, Snow White proved that she didn’t need a Prince to save her, after all!

Here is a loads of fun, light-hearted play sending up a range of well known fairytales and characters but in a modern day high school setting, much of the humour coming from the characters use of colloquial language and sayings!

A perfect script for use in drama classes due to the large cast and for production level, for both schools and the youth section of drama groups.

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