Sample: Confetti

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Your wedding day; many say it is the most loving, most memorable, most…umm…’most happiest’ day of one’s life.

Yup…that’s what the ‘many’ say.  But that’s not likely to be what Mia says on her wedding day.  Not after she agrees to let her Male of Honor organize the wedding…which he leaves to the day of the wedding.  Everyone knows things don’t exactly go to plan when left to the last minute. Scrap that – everyone knows nothing will go to plan!  At least there’s the honeymoon to look forward to…if one can snag a deal of the day on Scoopon.

On top of that there are feuding bridesmaids batting it out for the top position, a missing dress, a StepMonster stealing everyone’s thunder and a rash that threatens to destroy the one photo that will be taken to capture the day.  This is likely to be one wedding people will be talking about for quite some time!