Sample: Cabbage Patch Dragon


Set in the Renaissance Italy, the story tells of a browbeaten young Duke on the verge of losing his beloved duchy. But his last moment desperate wish for help is seemingly answered when he discovers an enormous magical dragon in the royal cabbage patch and chooses to save it from his over-zealous subjects.

But when his mother arranges a marriage with the daughter of the bullying Count who cheated and bankrupted his father, the Duke must learn to stand up for himself and learn that neither magic nor might makes you right – but courage and good friends are the special ingredients required to outsmart the enemy and save a kingdom.

From the writer of Conundrum and Heroes, comes Cabbage Patch Dragon; an upbeat K-8 musical about a dragon – in a cabbage patch! Now any show with dragons and cabbages in it is bound to be a roaring success. Even more so if it has songs about Dragons and Cabbages…

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