Sample: Bonsai Samurai


Facing a bleak future in the family rice-fields, Hiroki, a short, self-centred Japanese boy with aspirations of becoming a Samurai is humiliated by treacherous soldiers intent on taking the Chrysanthemum Throne and teams up with an unlikely band of ancient spirits to defeat them.

But when he is offered a chance to achieve his dream at the expense of his sister and the others, he must learn that loyalty is a quality best returned, especially if he is to outsmart the traitorous Emperor’s minister and save both his friends and the Imperial Princess.

Perfect for a large cast, for ages 10-15 years. Tim makes putting on a musical easy with plenty of material to help make your production run smoothly. With Props list, music and production notes and special effects cues list, whether you are an experienced director or not, this musical will be a huge success.

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