Wheeller Plays Exemplified DVD

Wheeller Plays Exemplified uses 18 extracts from plays such as Hard to Swallow, ‘Kill Jill’ ,Too Much Punch for Judy and Missing Dan Nolan to demonstrate a range of performance techniques and devices.

For the many Drama teachers already using the works of Mark Wheeller, the extracts, directed by professional director Tim Ford, will be an excellent addition to their texts. The DVD also contains interviews with Mark Wheeller about his work, providing a fascinating insight into the interesting and unique style of this playwright.

For those not yet familiar with the Wheeller’s plays, this DVD will be of particular use to illustrate alternatives to Naturalistic Drama.

The DVD clearly and professionally shows examples of how Physical Theatre, different uses of Monologue, Projected Images, Precis Theatre, Rhythm and Pace, Narration, Song and other forms can be used in the performance of devised and indeed scripted performances, all depicted by senior teenage drama students.

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