Sample: The Making of the Great Lover

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In 1918, little-known author Edith Winstanley Hull, a pig breeder’s wife from a little English village, pens a sensational novel – The Sheik – that eventually will rocket a struggling actor on the other side of the world to international stardom. The equivalent to Fifty Shades of Grey for the era, it was a racy and sumptuous tale about female sexuality and dared to be bold in a time when women still wore ankle-long tunics.

Around the same time, a young aspiring actor of Italian descent is trying to break into the new silent movie industry. His looks and culture are against him until The Sheik is made into a movie. The novel shoots to the top of the best-seller list and the movie makes a star of the young actor, Rudolph Valentino, earning him the title of The Great Lover.

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