Sample: Radio Active


1947 and Radio Blah-Blah rules the airwaves. The ever-topical Radio Blah-Blah broadcasts a lively fare of breezy jingles, adverts, news of the day and a serial radio play utilising comic sound effects made by active ‘technicians’ in full view.

A rescue mission to Paradox Island sponsored by the radio station splits the actions in two, as reality overshadows radio. The radio follows the search for the famous explorer Sir Henry Falkirk which is led by his dedicated, if somewhat desperate daughter, Angela, accompanied by a popular paper-back writer, a macho adventurer and a female anthropologist. Oh, and a seedy private detective who advertises on the radio is called in to find a missing movie star.

Radio Active is nostalgia as we’d like to remember it. Opportunities for a multi-media approach, music is back to the ’40s with jazz, jitterbug and jive, with your choice of band-parts or performance CD