Sample: Oceans & Emotions

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Oceans & Emotions is a pirate-themed musical written specifically for our Year 3 & 4 pupils. Amongst all the colour, fun and razzmatazz of quirky characters, there are serious themes explored: wellbeing, mindfulness, anger management, mental toughness, anxiety, depression, and the four happy chemicals of dopamine, oxytocin, serotonin and endorphin. These last four hormones, together with Calypso, appear as muses to guide the fellow pirates through the choppy seas of self-doubt and beyond. Sailing the treacherous seas is a metaphor for life and, so long as we take the rough with the smooth (or the yin with the yang) all will be well! But will the two stowaway kids (Molly and Edward) make it safely home to their parents on Paradise Island? And what will become of the evil Captain Scallywag? Will Redbeard be cured of his anger? Will Dr Chopitov ever get any patients to visit him?