Sample: Four Funerals and a Wedding


Romeo and Juliet are dead, and so is County Paris. The place is crawling with suspects and before the day is out, someone will be executed. Can Detectives Sculler and Mouldy solve the crime? Crime? What crime? The cast of Romeo and Juliet hit the twenty-first century where they sassy through this well-loved story with dialogue as sharp as next season’s fashions.

Are you a drama teacher struggling to find scripts suitable for the whole class – a class full of students with a range of abilities? Then this is just the play for you! Four Funerals and a Wedding picks up from where Shakespeare’s play left off.

With characters like the redoubtable Detectives Mouldy and Sculler, the tale is given a different twist as it combines a whodunit with a love story to
produce a lively and entertaining script. In this one act play the humour is snappy and streetwise with instant appeal to young people – an ideal piece for festival, classroom performance or as a youth theatre showpiece.

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