Mystery On The Orient Express

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3 reviews for Mystery On The Orient Express

  1. FigCreative


    We are having a ball performing Mystery on the Orient Express. The audience loving the trip. The food, the singing & yodelling, and the comedy is making it one of our best yet. I think it’s brought out the best in our performers. Thanks.
    M. Todd. Port Wallis Players. Canada

  2. FigCreative


    Our season of Mystery On The Orient Express was a fantastic success. This production outsold all other shows to date. Many people dressed up and escaped from reality for a few hours. We kept the themes of the show running from start to finish. The feedback we received was so encouraging with some of our passengers returning several times throughout the season, each time bringing along a new bunch of friends. Audiences are now asking me when we are going to repeat the show. Thank you to Maverick Musicals for a great script and also for your co-operation and support.
    S. Lee. Noarlunga Theatre Co. SA. Australia

  3. Gail Denver


    I had the pleasure of directing Mystery On The Orient Express from Maverick Musicals late last year and we had a blast. The ability to choose songs that fit in with what you want to do makes expressing your vision of the show that little more special. The team at APRA are super to deal with and were able to come back really quickly and let us know what we could and couldn’t use. One of the challenges I find with some shows is how to make it current or different and this show was no different. I decided to put a steampunk flavour on the whole show. The set was a mechanical back wall which had moving cogs, vintage lights and steam pipes everywhere. It was truly a visionary delight. Adding the steampunk theme to the costuming gave some older characters like Sherlock Holmes, Watson and Inspector a breath of life. We ran this show as a dinner show and it worked perfectly… with the auditorium divided into first class, second class, no class and baggage it was a riot every night.

    The script is super funny and it is a high paced show and not for the faint hearted, it is written so wittily it will have you in stitches in the first read through. Our wardrobe department probably had the hardest task of creating costumes that were steampunk but still recognisable as their characters. I love the challenge of bringing to life a show that has no youtube clips or movies attached to them, it allows me to actually step inside the story and create without limitations. Because of the diversity of characters in this show it allowed for a diverse cast of ages, sizes and abilities which is what amateur theatre is about for me. I would highly recommend this show to other societies, especially if you have a smaller theatre and are able to do a restaurant theatre experience.
    Natasha Benfell Director Rotorua Musical Theatre NZ

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