Johnny CarringtonJohnny Carrington and Danny Sturrock are two new writers from Southampton, England and have both shared a love of theatre for many years. Johnny is a Drama Teacher at Oaklands Community School in Southampton, an Edexcel GCSE Drama Examiner and is also a member of a local theatre company; ‘The Maskers’. This is the first play for Johnny, who after the success of ‘Bang Out’, is now working towards his first solo play based on the high profile issue of knife crime. Watch this space! Danny Sturrock works alongside Johnny at Oaklands as the Drama Departments Theatre Technician. He has been an active member of Oaklands Youth Theatre since the age of 11 and wrote his first play ‘Gagging For It!’ in 2002. Danny has caught the ‘writing bug’ and has just completed a new play entitled ‘’, which is based on a true story and tackles the issue of teenage suicide and the role the internet plays. Bang Out of Order was the first time that Danny and Johnny had written together. But since then they have both been working on a large cast comedy called ‘The Good, The Bad and Timmy Mcgee’ which the school’s Drama Club are due to perform in November 2007.

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