Performance Rights

Maverick Musicals, Plays РSecuring Performance Rights for a Production

Maverick Musicals and Plays has made creating theatre easy for you.

We’re 100% digital so as soon as your payment clears, you can download your products.


We’re updating the way you purchase musicals to make it much simpler. Follow these steps:

  1. Add the Script to Cart, then decide which Package you’ll require.
  2. Generally speaking, Basic Packages include: the Copying Fee, Piano Vocal score and Rehearsal Tracks. Deluxe Packages include those products too but generally also Performance Backing Tracks, Band Parts and any other production extras the writers and composers have created.
  3. Select your ticket type (whether tickets will be free or you’ll be selling them – this will determine the kind of royalties you’ll pay).
  4. Enter your performance dates. If you’re doing more than 8 performances, please email to let us know.
  5. Add the Package you want to your Cart. Flat rate royalty fees will be automatically calculated and added to the total. Then check-out and away you go!
  6. Be sure to save the digital download of your musical to an easy-to-find folder on your computer for unlimited access.

There are no complicated hiring agreements, and all of our material is digital. This saves having to wait for the snail mail to deliver your scripts and score and gives your cast the option of either having a physical script, or using a device to reference the material.

Once booked, if you have to cancel your show, or change the dates, please let us know by emailing editor@maverickmusicals.comso that we can adjust our schedule accordingly.

We’re here to help your production be the success you’ve worked hard for, so if you have any questions at all about any of our shows, or need some extra assistance – just email us at

Maverick Musicals, Plays - Securing Performance Rights